Meet Sara

Sara BagheriGoverning Philosophy

I strive to be humble in the service of humankind. I have a servant’s heart and am here to work towards making things better for the people around me, be they family, friends, clients, or constituents. While undoubtedly a lofty goal, I’m honored to say that “humble service” is my mantra each and every day.

In accordance with my mantra, I pledge loyalty to truth and empathy. Money is fleeting. Ego is deceptive. My efforts in government will never be in the service of either. My time and energy will be spent in search of the complete truth and making sure information about our government is available to everyone. I am a staunch believer in the power of the people, and only when there is transparency in government, can we insure that government remains in its proper Constitutional box.

Taxes represent the blood, sweat, and tears of each person who earned the money to pay them. As a matter of respect to the efforts of each hardworking taxpayer, I pledge to fight against the waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayers’ hard work.  I view waste in all forms as a moral issue, and I will address it with the urgency it rightly deserves.

With each decision I make as a Denton City Councilwoman, I first ask “is this a core function of our City Government”?


I was born in Dallas to emigrants from Iran. The political instability and decade-long war created by the fall of Iran’s monarchy reverberated throughout my childhood. From a tender age, I was viscerally aware of the life-altering effects of failed government.

My early childhood was spent in Arlington, Texas.  Then my family moved to Denton, where I graduated from Billy Ryan High School.  At age 20 I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Following undergraduate studies, I returned to Denton for a year spent working in my family’s business, alongside my now-husband, Christobal Robles.  Our combined efforts yielded Denton’s first hookah lounge, located on the patio of Bagheri’s Restaurant on Fry Street. That business is currently in its thirteenth year of successful operation.

In 2004 I was admitted to Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. I studied there from 2004-2007, with a focus on American Indian law. I graduated with a Juris Doctor and certificate in natural resources law.

During law school, my college sweetheart and I were married. We celebrated our ten-year wedding anniversary last July. Chris is a Californian by birth, but like most transplants, he is 110% Texan at this point. As the saying goes, “he was not born in Texas, but got here as fast as he could.” He is a proud PACCAR employee.

Career Highlights

Following law school, I spent a year working on a cultural resources project for an Indian Tribe in the Pacific Northwest. I worked closely with various entities within the Federal government and gained first-hand experience in Federal administrative actions.

I was sworn into the Texas Bar in 2009. Currently, my practice is centered on civil litigation, immigration law, and family law. Of all these areas, nothing has been more important to me than my work on cases involving abused and neglected children. It is the most important work I do, and has the greatest positive benefit on our community as children truly are our future.

Since returning to Denton, I have been honored to serve my community in the following capacities:

Founding Board Member, Denton Community Market (2009- 2014)

Volunteer Mediator, Denton County ADR Program (2011- present)

Leadership Denton (2011)

Member, City of Denton Human Services Advisory Council (2011-2013)

Member, City of Denton Smoking Ordinance Ad-Hoc Committee (2012)

Volunteer Coordinator, Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans (2013-2014)

Intern, Denton County Master Gardeners (2015)

Commissioner, Zoning Board of Adjustment (2015-2016)

I am eager to continue my service to our great city on our Denton City Council.