Core Competencies of Government

Core Competencies of Government

Government has a number of legitimate purposes in society. Those legitimate purposes are what I call its “Core Competencies.” As a matter of policy, staff time and taxpayer resources should be directed towards the Core Competencies of government first, then non-core areas as funds are available. Non-core competencies should never be funded through debt. THE FOLLOWING ARE WHAT I BELIEVE ARE THE CORE COMPETENCIES OF DENTON CITY GOVERNMENT:

Public Safety – Police, Fire, Ambulance.  Zoning of high-risk hazardous activity. Ensuring the safety of our drinking water and access to utilities.

Neighborhood Livability – Maintaining appropriate densities and residential/retail mixes. Preserving the character of neighborhoods.

Transportation – Safe and well-lit roads, sidewalks and intersections. Appropriate levels of public transportation to essential services such as hospitals, pharmacies and government facilities.

The bottom line is I believe that our City Government should do only what it is supposed to do, and then execute it well, efficiently and within budget. When Government strays from its core functions, it ends up functioning much more poorly, much less efficiently, and way over budget, to the detriment of our citizens and future generations.

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