Stewardship – Fiscal and Ethical

Stewardship – Fiscal and Ethical

A council member maintains the public purse. Our city “purse” totals $1,000,000,000 (that’s 1 Billion Dollars)!  Much of that sum is funded with debt to be paid out over 1.5 generations, placing an unfair and immoral burden on our children.

Fiscal and ethical stewardship of the public purse requires two complementary and essential elements: diligence and trust.

Diligence is the willingness to read every financial document, demand information where lacking, and double check every total.

Trust in this sense is fiduciary or financial trust. Elected officials must and should be held to a higher ethical standard than those in the private sector. I will go beyond the REQUIREMENTS of the State Ethics Code and disclose any and all financial dealings with the City, its employees or its contractors.

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